What Should I Say In The Interview?

What Should I Say In The Interview?

May 19 2015 | Written by : Anshuman Kukreti

You seem to be well-prepared and all armed to make a name amidst this stiff-a-competition. It definitely is a nerve whacking experience, but acing your job interview seems nothing more than taking a stroll in the rosy garden you’ve always known.

Yes, appearing in a job-interview will always be a different experience with a new lesson learnt, but each will have a single key to unlock the job-offer!

The hacks to making a great impression in front of your potential employer entails including the 5 most basic things in your conversation. Just give it a good glance to polish yourself further and target for the best jobs around the world.


  • ‘I’m Flexible With It’

This might be one of the most crucial things that will get you through. Employers all across the globe are targeting employees who can adjust and accustom themselves according to the ever-changing work environment. Right from possible job-duties to the potential date of joining or the job-timings for that matter of fact, stressing the fact that you’re flexible simply makes you easy to get along with ease.

The basic idea is that hiring managers always try to evade complications and presenting a schedule full of time hassles, one that requires mind-boggling will surely put things off-track.

However, being flexible doesn’t mean settling for a below the mark income!

  • ‘Can You Tell Me More?’

Obviously, an interviewer would appreciate the fact that he’s been carefully listened to, all the while he’s been delivering details about the organization. More importantly, being an active listener and having follow-up questions ready demonstrates your eagerness and interest to join the company.

Asking questions like ‘How does that happen?’ directly show your intent to initiate a clear and thought-through communication. Plus, it’s quite imperative, considering the common understanding you need to establish before moving any further in the process.

  • ‘ I seek to learn and build my career with this company’

Although, it seems like a bonus to the conversation, but the fact that you’re looking forward to learn from the work, will always sow the seeds of optimism in the minds of recruiters, regarding you. Of course, your interviewer wants to know that investing a hefty pay-package and time on an employee will benefit the company the long run. He needs to know that you’re planning to stay for several years and bringing some stability to the work environment.

  • ‘I have the expertise and experience to ace this job’

Every interviewer is going to ask about the experience you hold prior to the job you’re targeting at present. Using this question as an opportunity to demonstrate confidence and proving your ability to do justice to the profile, is what you need to aim. Discuss about relevant things you’ve practiced in the past and the conspicuous results they produced. Explain how you inculcated certain skills during your last job, your success with previous projects and how these will enable you to achieve results for the company.

  • ‘I Read About the Project Online’

That’ what the social convention tell us, right?

Whenever you meet a person for the first time, it’s polite to express interest in each other’s work. Mentioning statements like the aforementioned will help you show interest in the company, by undergoing a research at your end.

You don’t have to memorize the whole ‘About Us’ page, but knowing about the company and its projects will surely give you an edge over the competition you’re facing.

Whether you’re applying for a job as a designer or a finance manager, the drill to making a good impression on the recruiter is nearly the same. Just stick to the basics and look forward to it as an opportunity to learn. Definitely, things wouldn’t go astray and you’ll end up with an offer letter.

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