Website Development Project

Website Development Project

The Website Development Project

F1SN is currently working on a project to build affordable yet appealing websites for individuals, organizations and small businesses.  The purpose of this project is to help the community by creating a less expensive alternative to get a website and to give internship opportunity to college students to learn how to build websites in a WordPress platform.  Our own website is a creation by our team.

We are currently working on so many websites that we need to recruit more interns.  If you are interested, there are three different fields where you can join and accumulate hands-on working experience.  The first team is Website Development Team.  This team installs the WordPress software in the website, installs the theme, builds the architecture of the content, organizes the applications in the website, and formats the visual aspect.  The second team is the Content Management Team.  Many of our clients are aware of the fact that you need fresh content in your website in order to drive traffic.  We provide the service to update their content.  This allows interns to build their research and development skills.  The third team is the Sales Force.  We want to reach out to as many customers as possible, and in orders to keep the momentum we need sales people to constantly bring new customers.  Interns working in this area need to be sociable and charismatic.   Closing a deal is one of the hardest skills in the business field, and interns working in this team will have the opportunity to get hands-on sales experience.

Our recent customers:

Gelda Ortega:

100% Realtors:

Open House VA:


Rosas Events:

Tobon Lawn Care:

REO Processing Center:

Diversity Employment Services:


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