Summer Vacations: Top Vacation Destinations

Summer Vacations: Top Vacation Destinations


It’s summer and if you haven’t taken one already this year, you are probably planning your summer vacation. While some people like to visit the same spot every year, others wonder what else it out there and what areas are the best for vacationing.

While the best vacation spots may be a matter of a opinion, here are some of the most popular summer vacation hot spots around the world.

Maui has it all, tropical weather, beautiful scenery, fun activities and delicious and unique dining options. If you want to relax on your summer vacation and enjoy a different lifestyle without traveling too far from home, Maui is the place for you.

San Francisco
Summertime is the best time to visit San Francisco. The weather is amazing and there are plenty of attractions to enjoy. If you are hoping to get in some beach time, you aren’t too far from several popular beach areas and you can be sure that there will be plenty of shopping opportunities.

If you like the outdoors and learning about history, why not take a trip out west and visit Yellowstone National Park. The park is a great place to let your children run free and explore and is also a must-see for adults. There are numerous activities available at the park and nearby.

If you are looking for a romantic vacation or just simply want to try some amazing food, Paris may be a good option for you. The weather is great in the summer and although the city is often crowded, you won’t even notice thanks to the amazing scenery. Be sure to try some French food and don’t forget to shop in those amazing Parisian stores.

Montreal has some harsh winters, but summer is the perfect time to visit this city. You can enjoy shopping, historical sites, amazing food and get a taste of European culture, without actually going the distance.

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