Steps to Find Your Dream School in the US

Steps to Find Your Dream School in the US

by Bryanna Davis

Look out USA, because here you come! You’ve decided you’re going to be an international student in the US, but first you need to find a school to attend. Although this might seem like an overwhelming task, you already have the tools needed to see what schools are available for international students along with their tuition, available financial aid, degree programs and location. Here’s how you can get started and find a school in the US:

  1. One of the first steps to find your dream school in the US is to visit the USA School Search. There you can use the school search tool to narrow down schools by field of study, school location and degree level.
  2. After you complete the school search tool you will be taken to a list of schools that meet the criteria you listed. It’s now time to compare your options! Select the “info” button for each of the school options that have been given to you to see the location, degrees offered, tuition cost, religious affiliation, student to faculty ratio- even admission requirements!
  3. If you fall in love with a school and want more information on how to apply, you can use the free “request information” form at the top of the school page.
  4. If you will need help funding your studies, check out your international financial aid options here. You can see if there are any scholarships available for your school of interest along with if it’s on the eligible school list for you to receive an international student loan.
  5. Don’t worry if you’ve not yet decided what field of study to pursue. Our study guide by subject is a helpful resource that can shed light on different degree program options that are available and which one is right for you.

After you’ve followed these easy steps to find your dream school in the US and have been accepted, check out what you can expect when it comes to US “way of life” and get ready to embark on your international education journey!

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