Spring Break 101

Spring Break 101

While most parts of the United States are currently covered in snow, let’s have some warm thoughts and talk about the upcoming Spring Break!  While Spring Break may not be as common and eventful in other countries, it is an important part of popular college culture.

We at peerTransfer have come up with a Spring Break 101 that brings you up to speed on what it’s all about!


What is Spring Break?

Spring Break is all about that one week a year when you can let loose and take a break from school and studying. For some students, this means returning home and staying at “hotel mommy” – enjoying some home cooked meals, sleeping in, and free laundry service.  However, if you are not returning home and want to try out an all American college experience, you will be going to a city where sun, beach and parties are on the agenda.

Spring Break

When does it occur?

You would think, as the name indicates, that Spring Break takes place in the spring, right?! Well, don’t be fooled, the majority of US college students get their Spring Break in the month of February or March. Check out your school’s calendar to find out when yours occurs!

Where do people tend to go?

Some of the most common Spring Break destinations are South Padres Island, TX; Panama City Beach, FL; Daytona Beach, FL; and Breckenridge, CO.  But recently some more exotic destinations are becoming more and more popular: Nicaragua, Bahamas and Cancun, due to their incredible all inclusive Spring Break deals.

Spring Break Volunteering

Beach and Party Alternatives

You could treat yourself to an enjoyable Spring Break while helping others. Think about volunteering during your week off from school. You could research some local community organizations, volunteer with a local religious organization, volunteer on campus or even help with a project in a different US city or even abroad!

Have fun planning your Spring Break, you deserve it!




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