New Year’s Resolution

New Year’s Resolution

New Year’s Resolution

As we starting a new year is important to set new goals and prepare for new challenges.  The New Year is a time to take a moment to reflect and think about what we want to change or accomplish for the New Year. While many people compromise to shed a few extra pounds or save money, college students might have different resolutions.

Here are some of top New Year’s resolutions for students, specifically related to finances.


As F-1 student I have to pay out-state-tuition and it is expensive. I also have difficulties monitoring my expenses.

For this New Year my resolutions are:

  1. Find at least one new form of financial aid:

The search for scholarships and financial aid is usually easier to obtain during the senior year of high school. However, there are plenty of options available for current college students as well. For this New Year I will look for scholarships that will help to pay part of my tuition.

A little extra cash could also be a great New Year’s gift to you and your parents so start searching!



Article Written by Giancarla Rojas

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