Making the most out of your Internship

Making the most out of your Internship
You’ve landed an internship, you’re super excited, and the job description doesn’t involve picking up coffees or working in the copy room.  So now you’re wondering – “how will I leave my mark?”.

Don’t worry, we at peerTransfer have some tips and tricks on how to get the most out of your internship!

Know what to expect

On your first day or at least within the first week, grab hold of your supervisor to discuss and document their expectations and needs.  This will help you clarify what is expected of you and will help you avoid any future confusion.

Introduce yourself and gain trust 

Waiting in line for food or stuck in an elevator? Seize the opportunity and have an elevator pitch (1-2min blurb about yourself) ready. Practice your elevator pitch and know what to say when seemingly seemingly innocent, but important questions come up, like: “What do you want to do with that degree..?” Making friends with your colleagues is vital to enhance your chances to develop professionally even after your internship. Try to meet as many people as possible.

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Adjust to office culture

Look at how others in the office behave and emulate them. If co-workers are on time for meetings, you should always be on time as well.

Never procrastinate, stay focused

Internships fly by. Don’t waste your time on social networking sites or text with friends while at work. You may think nobody notices, but don’t underestimate your manager’s eye. Never procrastinate on meeting up with professional contacts, following up with emails, attending workshops etc. Follow through and execution is essential in making a positive impression.

Take your work seriously

If you make a mistake, don’t try to cover it up or make excuses. Own up to it and fix it, or ask for help on finding a solution and let your boss know it won’t happen again – and make sure you stick to it!  Never say you will do something unless you plan on following through.


Ask for feedback

Every now and then ask you manager how you are doing and how you could improve. When they give you feedback, make sure you act on it as well. Make sure to have them look over your resume before you leave your internship for any helpful tips or edits.

Dress appropriately

Take your job seriously and dress for the part you want to play. It is not necessary to have top notch fasion-model outfits, but make sure to always dress appropriately for the workday ahead of you.

Ask for advice and learn from your co-workers

Talk to co-workers and ask them about their own careers and plans. Let them know you would like to hear some advice, for both this internship and work in the future. Most people are happy to help, but you have to ask.

If you have any questions or would like to share your own advice, please let us know in the comments below.  Happy interning!


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