How to study in the US without taking SAT/GRE/GMAT/TOEFL

How to study in the US without taking SAT/GRE/GMAT/TOEFL

Do you dream of coming to America to study as a student and possibly begin your immigration journey via the F-1 visa? As you may have found out, most of the degree programs you are looking at requires the student to apply with SAT/GRE/GMAT/TOEFL test scores. What if your home country does not use English as a primary language? Those tests, given in English, would seem daunting and only for the determined or those who are fortunate enough to have private English lessons. Don’t give up just yet! There is a way! It is the English language schools of America.

You probably have thought about the same thing: how can I learn English well if my environment, my friends, my teachers, my television and stores are all in my native language? Language is something that is best learned and mastered through immersion. You know that if you are dropped into a foreign country with a foreign language, and there are no opportunities to use your native language to communicate, your survival instincts would kick in and force yourself to pick up the language quickly. The same thing for English. You can never learn it very well in your home country since you do not have the opportunity or the desperation to study it, use it daily, and seeing it daily.

Another thought in your head that is preventing you from coming to study in America are the standardized tests that you must take.  Yes, I am talking about SAT/GRE/GMAT/TOEFL. These tests, given ONLY in English, requires the tester to know English fairly well. How can you score a high score on these tests if your English isn’t good enough? You would be wasting your money taking those tests and setting yourself up for failure. The ultimate conclusion that you would have reached is: I need to learn English first before embarking on such a journey to immigrate to America as a student.

If you are thinking like the above, you are absolutely right on! In fact, instead of coming to America to pursue an undergraduate or a graduate degree, which requires alot of financial resources and pre-visa preparations such as applying and waiting for admissions from schools, you can skip all that and simply apply to language schools. Language schools are typically open enrollment schools, meaning as long as you can provide the necessary documents they require on the application, you WILL BE admitted. Best of all, there are NO language schools that would ever require SAT/GRE/GMAT/TOEFL. In addition, coming to study English is not suspicious to the visa officer at the American embassy or consulate and the F-1 visa for studying in a language school has a much higher approval rate than other study programs. The reason for this is simple: language school typically only requires a few thousand dollars of financial resources versus the tens of thousands of dollars that a full degree program would require. Visa officers reject F-1 visa applicants mostly because the financial documents are either suspicious or simply not good enough.

Of course, after you get into the US and start your language program, all is not over. Your journey simply has begun. You should then focus and start preparing the standardized tests that are needed for your degree program. You can also try to work on-campus during your language program to save some money. Make sure you plan the dates well so that you can take the tests, apply to schools, get admitted and transfer into a new school on time without a gap in your student visa.

Therefore, don’t wait! Start your journey to America through applying to language schools. Get your F-1 visa, get your entry into the United States, and from there, the possibilities are endless! Check out my guides on DV Lottery, green card marriage, student immigration, and also overstaying on visa and green card lottery on F-1.

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