How to Spend Spring Break

How to Spend Spring Break

Advice From a Graduating Senior

By.Michael Krauszer

I hate spring break–every spring semester a week in March is set aside to give me and other students some time to relax and be away from school. For the most part, the Spring Breaks aren’t even scheduled during spring; it’s still the end of winter! Regardless, I understand that many students love spring break, so I won’t argue it’s validity, but I do caution any student that will not be using spring break productively. Here is my advice:

1) Productivity can be relaxing

Getting things does helps for your future relaxation. However, I will also admit that relaxing duringyour spring break can be productive as well; if you are recharging your batteries, so to speak, and come back to the semester ready to finish strong, then that is productive. The point, however, is to be intentional when it comes to these things.

2) Don’t spend all your money

I know going away to Florida sounds nice, but it can also be expensive for you. Considering that you probably have student loans to pay back soon, a trip to Florida probably isn’t the best use of your money. Make sure that you’re counting the cost of whatever you do; is it worth it in the long run?

3) Consider getting ahead on work

Spring break gives you a week to get ahead on any upcoming projects/work. If you do it now, you won’t have to worry about it later, which in turn will reduce stress towards the end of the semester and during finals week!

4) Consider increasing your hours at work during this week

If you really need time to relax and be away from work and school, then go ahead. But, if you feel you are still energized enough, I would suggest asking your boss for more hours during spring break. After all, you need money while in college–and saving should be very important to you. Remember, you will be paying back student loans soon enough; keep that in mind while you decide what to do during spring break.

All in all, just make sure you are making thoughtful decisions during spring break. If you believe you can afford and justify a trip, then go for it! But, realize that the sooner you pay back a student loan, the less you will have to pay on it.

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