How to Show Ties to Home Country During a Visa Interview?

How to Show Ties to Home Country During a Visa Interview?


There are few different steps in the process of applying for US visas. First, an online application must be filed. Followed by that, applicants must schedule visa interviews and appear for those interviews. They also need to undergo medical examinations. They must provide several supporting documents and establish their eligibility for non-immigrant visas.




Apart from filing applications and submitting supporting documents, they need to establish that they will return to their home countries prior to the expiration of their non-immigrant visas. They need to prove that they will not stay back in the United States after the expiration of their visas. Only if they prove this, they will be issued non-immigrant visas.

Visa applicants must demonstrate that they have strong ties in their home countries during their non-immigrant visa interviews. They need to prove that they cannot stay in America and that they have compelling reasons to return to their home countries.

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