How Americans celebrate New Year’s Eve

How Americans celebrate New Year’s Eve

Can you believe it?  Another year is coming to an end and New Year’s Eve is just around the corner.  You may now be wondering – what shall I do, where should I go and how should I celebrate into the New Year 2014?!

No worries, we at peerTransfer have come up with a list of things to do and hope you’ll have a fabulous one :)

Many of American New Year’s Eve traditions include celebratory shouting, car horns, firecrackers, sirens, party horns, whistles, bells, and anything else people can find that will make a loud and boisterous noise at midnight all around the country.


Americans love parades, and New Year’s Day has one of the most famous parades of the year. In fact, parades were originally a way to chase away evil spirits as well. Check your city’s website for information on nearby parades.

House Parties 

Americans like to celebrate the New Year with their friends and families. Check with your friends and consider having or attending a party at someone’s house.  You can have fun at dance parties and share kisses to express New Years greetings at stroke of midnight.


For Americans, this is the day we promise to deprive ourselves of something we really like or really hate but still do anyway. We resolve to lose weight, stop drinking, smoking, cussing or even become more faithful. Resolutions began in ancient times and nowadays lean more toward promises to ourselves to do something specific during the year to come.  Read more on New Years Resolutions here.

The ball drop 

If you happen to be in New York City during New Year’s, you should definitely check out the ball drop at Time Square. It is a tradition dating back more than 100 years and Time Square holds one of the biggest parties in the country with millions in attendance or watching on television from all over the world. The ball takes one minute to drop, with the final ten seconds counted down by people everywhere. The dropping of the ball marks the exact time of the passing of the old year into the beginning of New Year’s Day.

Let us know about your plans in the comments below.  We wish you a very happy and prosperous New Year 2014!


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