First Job Interview tips and tricks

First Job Interview tips and tricks
You are a senior at college or recent graduate?  Then you’re probably already in the process of applying for your first real job. As exciting as it is, interviewing can be a challenge, especially if you haven’t interviewed much and are competing with candidates who all have the same basic qualifications.

We at peerTransfer have a few tips and tricks for acing an interview for that first job of yours!


Review the basics

Personal appearance is important, dress like you are serious and people will treat you like you’re serious. Also, make sure you are comfortable during the interview. This includes interview skills such as making eye contact, smiling, sitting up straight and answering questions positively and in an efficient way.

Analyze your dream job

What are the skills, knowledge and personal qualities that an employer are looking for?  Write down a list of key assets, skills, experiences (such as course projects or part time job tasks) that you can relate to the job description.

Elevator pitch

There’s a very good chance you will be asked some form of the question: “Tell me about yourself”.  Your response should be under two minutes and talk about some general background information, such as demonstrated leadership or skill and what you will bring to the company. Don’t forget to practice this ;)

Prepare examples

Most employers will ask you to give examples of your experiences that demonstrate that you used your strength and knowledge to complete a certain project or successfully manage a specific role.

Be positive

Showing enthusiasm and being able to talk about why you are interested in the given field, the job and the company is very important. This should also demonstrate how it relates to your own goals.

Research the Company

You should know a bit about their history, their challenges and accomplishments. Check out their website and look for articles and press releases on the web.  Also try talking to people in the field, ask for their advice and how to best respond to possible industry questions.

Ask for clarification

Listen carefully before you respond to question and don’t hesitate to ask for clarification if you did not fully understand the focus of a query or are unfamiliar with some of the English words they used.

Don’t forget to say Thank You

Make sure you get the contact information of your interviewer and send them a follow up email immediately after the meeting.  Apart from thanking them, summarize why you are a great match and reference anything they said that enhanced your interest.

Be prepared and you will do great!  If you have any questions or would like to share other tips and tricks please do so in the comments below.

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