Cracking a Job Interview is Child’s play

Cracking a Job Interview is Child’s play

by Anshuman Kukreti

Right fromour student life to the inception of adolescence, one thing, which remains crystal clear in our mind, is securing an appointment letter from a reputed organization, working at a comfortable workplace and earning loads of money. This dream which often gets a bit hazy as we progress further in life and becomes difficult to think about, keeping in mind the ground realities and the stiff job market. A call for a job interview often seems as a race half won. But then we face the daunting experience of having several apprehensions regarding our selection. A thousand things cross our mind telling us about experiences our peers have had in interviews. But, is it that difficult to crack an interview successfully?

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Is impressing your employer that difficult a task?

The answer lies in some simple steps which if followed will lead us to the other side of the desk having secured an appointment letter and the job successfully.

Acing a job interview is one of the simplest things that you can ever do. But the simplicity lies in some basic rules, which can be illustrated as follows.


  • Research is the first and the most basic step. A thorough research regarding the organization and the way it functions is quite necessary. You should have knowledge at depth regarding the profile you are being interviewed for. Moreover, you should have the capability to reason with the employer as to why he should prefer you over the other candidates.


  • Practice makes a man perfect. You should be well rehearsed with the answers and your introduction. Although, there is no set format followed by organizations to ask questions during an interview, but there are some questions that the employer will ask to brainstorm you. In any case, you should be well prepared for various key questions like “Why are you interested to join our organization?” or “How will you help this company, if got selected?”
  • Preparing a proper RESUME is equally important in securing a job. Your RESUME should be brief and should reflect all necessary information like your academic qualifications, achievements, work experience etc. An effective RESUME acts as a window to your personality and helps the employer to understand the level of your professional prowess.
  • Every interview is over in the initial 30 seconds. This is largely due to the first impression that you form in front of the employer. Dressing aptly often works as a catalyst in leaving a decent first impression. You should ensure that you are dressed right according to the work culture followed in the organization you aim to join.


  • Arrive on or before time is also very crucial. Punctuality and time management are things every employer looks for in a job seeker. You should ensure that you reach for the interview at least 15-20 minutes before it commences. This will prevent you from making any haste and committing silly mistakes.


  • Be self-confident and exhibit enthusiasm. Confidence and enthusiasm are things that you should possess even in the most dire situations. Confidence coupled with self-belief will lead you to results of high quality and will help you face the employer without having any problem.


  • Knowing your key strengths and weaknesses gives you an insight regarding your limits and the areas you need to work on. You should always have a pragmatic approach and know the possible solutions to all your weaknesses. This will not only help in tuning your personality but will also provide a finesse touch to it.


  • Remaining involved is another basic yet significant step to be followed whilst you are in a job interview. A two-way conversation always helps in forming a bridge between the interviewer and the interviewee. This will cause effective communication and proper exchange of knowledge and facts, which ultimately will benefit the interviewee i.e. YOU.
  • Last but not the least, being positive and not losing hope, whatever may happen. It might happen that you’ll get stuck at some questions. You should always try to keep your cool and present in whatever way you know. Remaining positive will not only keep the chances of your selection high but will also enable the employer to form a high opinion regarding you.


As discussed above, steps are simple but very significant at the same time. Following these and maintaining the right attitude will make acing an interview a child’s play. Good luck!

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