Coming to the US – what you need to be prepared for at college

Coming to the US – what you need to be prepared for at college

You have been accepted into the school of your dreams, you have packed your bags and said good bye to your friends and family.  You have just boarded a plane to the U.S., all prepped and ready for the adventure.  But what happens when you get off of that plane? First impressions and expectations when moving to a new country can sometimes be a little overwhelming.

We at peerTransfer have come up with few tips to help guide you when you first arrive in the U.S.

At the Airport and US Customs

While you are on the plane, make sure you fill out all required paperwork that the airline staff hands out to you. Together with your student visa and other relevant documents, make your move to customs.  You will sometimes have to wait in line for quiet a while, as the procedure can take several minutes per person. For more information on what to expect at the airport, picking up your luggage and getting to your school, read this.

Getting around

Depending on your school location in the States, public transport varies tremendously. If you happen to be in New York, Boston, San Francisco or Chicago, you will be able to use public  subway and bus services.  If you are in a smaller city or live on campus, chances are that you will have anything you need in walking or biking distance. Apart from class rooms, libraries and students housing, you will usually also find restaurants, sport and entertainment facilities.  Some students bring their cars to campus, which can be useful when going to a mall or furniture shopping, but again, usually you will find everything you need on campus.

Living with other students

You have probably arranged living in student dorms or sharing a house or apartment with other students.  Being used to living at home, moving in with other students can sometimes be a little tricky. You will experience different cultures, customs and habits first hand, and this could definitely be a little bit of an overwhelming experience. However, the trick is to keep an open mind and try to communicate your needs with your roommates and find compromises.


Once you’ve unpacked and set up your room, you might find yourself a little lost and lonely. Bare in mind that almost EVERY new student feels the same way. Be open and don’t hesitate to approach fellow students and ask them to join you for a meal, coffee or to go to fresher’s week events together. Making friends in the very beginning will help you settle in better and conquer the first few weeks with ease.


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