College Girls 101 for Freshmen

College Girls 101 for Freshmen

College Girls 101 for Freshmen (and Other Clueless Guys)

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So, you’ve stepped on campus fresh out of high school.  You’re excited about classes, but let’s admit it, there’s one thing that really gets you excited: girls!Getting girls in college is easy—if you know the system.  Dating and hooking up in college is very different from what you’re used to (or not used to) in high school.  Usually it takes guys anywhere from a few months to a few years to catch on, but I’m going to give my four years’ of massive experience as a player and a matchmaker to give you a leg up on your friends and your competition. Use my THREE GOLDEN SECRETS FOR COLLEGE GUY NEWBS to start getting college women, fast:1.    Ditch the Duds, Develop Your Style: College kids are better dressed than high schoolers, no question.  The reason is because they’ve had a lot of time away from home to develop their own unique style.  Having style DOES NOT mean wearing expensive clothing or falling into a stereotype (goth, punk, preppy, etc.)!  It means knowing what you like to wear and looking good in both (most guys fool themselves into thinking that they already do both).  If you don’t know where to begin, take a female, any female, even your mom, and go shopping.  Ask her for specific reasons as to WHY she’s picked out the clothes she has and then THINK CRITICALLY about her reasons: she thinks stripes look good on you, but do you think so, too?  Repeat, experiment with new things you’d never dream of wearing, and soon you’ll have a style of your own.  Women will think you’re confident and smart—and you will be.2.    Act Like You Know What You’re Doing: Freshmen come to college, see the “mature” upperclassmen around them, and think that they have a lot of catching up to do.  The truth is that a lot of adults don’t even know what they’re doing in life; but college girls are especially vulnerable.  Their daddies have sheltered them, the media has confused them as to how to become a woman, and they’re looking for answers.  So, when you talk with women in college, don’t be arrogant or stuffy, but pretend like you’ve got plans and that they’re firm, even if you don’t or you’re just as confused.  Women will be attracted to your confidence, and although in the short-term they may want a guy who’s just as confused as they are, DON’T GIVE IN!  In the end, women think that those guys are weak, and if you’re one of them you’ll be out in the cold.  Best of all, if you pretend enough, soon you really will be confident in what you’re doing.And last but not least…3.    Expand Your Network:The greatest secret is also the simplest.  The more girls you know, the more you’ll get!  I can’t tell you how many guys I know who didn’t get with any women in college just because they never went out of their room.  Join as many extracurriculars as you can, especially theater.  Drama clubs attract horny, open-minded, and attention-hungry girls, and the long hours you’ll spend in rehearsals will break the ice and form a bond.  If you’re not an actor, join a stage crew (set decoration, running props, etc.)Follow these three simple rules and you’ll start getting girls in no time!  If you want some more tips, including concrete actions that you can do very easily, check out my Three SUPER EASY and REAL Tricks to Attract Men and Women to help break the ice.  If you’re going after a brainy girl, try my Smart, Intellectual Women Made Easy.And always remember the cardinal rule: Anything is sexy when you make it sexy.Yours Truly,Giovanni


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