About Us


Who we are

We are a group composed of International Students (F-1 Visa status), local business owners, and entrepreneurs who are committed to helping out fellow internationals here in the USA. We also discuss many issues and topics we face as International’s and are here to assist you with them because we each have our own individual challenges and by brainstorming together we help each other overcome them.

How do we work

This group is here to help you get adjusted to the American way of life through social events, employment opportunities, and workshops with attorneys and other business professionals for hands on work experience. Creating these different events and workshops is very useful for many internationals that are new to the USA.

Where do we work

We have offices in Annandale VA, Rockville MD and Washington DC, and we will be organizing events around the DMV area in order to be reachable for all the International Students Community.

Why should I join?

When you came to the USA the intention was probably to be successful in school and learn as much as possible about the culture, people, education system, and the American way of life. We provide you with this platform! We do it in a way that is social, flexible, fun, and enjoyable.

Opportunity and Employment

The business events allow us to share our opinions, personal needs, and help us understand better the actual work experiences of real business owners. We will also organize events so that you can meet employment recruiters to help you develop your career and your skills on getting employment. We offer the chance to get involve into Internships, CPT and OPT programs within F1SN and other organizations.