8 Things Transfer Students Need to Know:

8 Things Transfer Students Need to Know:

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8 Things Transfer Students Need to Know:


According to special report from the National Association for College Admission Counseling, a third of students end up transferring to other colleges or universities. Some of these students are transferring from community colleges, but many are also seeking to move from one four-year school to another.

If you want to transfer to other colleges, here are 8 facts for you.


1. The transfer admission is slightly more difficult. The acceptance rate for transfer students, according to NACAC, is slightly lower than the acceptance rate of first-year students. When evaluating transfer applicants, the biggest admission factor by far is a student’s grades at their current college.

2. Transfer students can qualify for scholarships. Seventy-seven percent of colleges reported that they provide merit scholarships to transfer students.

3. Not all schools have room for transfer students. Small colleges, which have very few undergrads leaving, can have few available spots for transfer students.

4. Standardized tests scores aren’t as important. The SAT and ACT, according to the NACAC survey, are less important for transfers than high school students.

5. Check out what a college wants from transfer students. Before applying to a school, find out what the institution is looking for in transfer applicants. You can often find a college’s Common Data Set by Googling that term and the name of the institution.

The College Board also provides this same transfer information.

6. Make sure your credits transfer. You don’t want to lose credits when you move to another school. During the admission process, talk to a college’s transfer advisor to know what credits would transfer.

7. Look for transfer-friendly schools. One way to access that intangible is to ask if the college has a transfer coordinator, orientation or programs.

8. Focus on the positive when explaining your desire to transfer. College applications will typically ask a student why they want to transfer. Be positive and explain well why you want to get in to the university that you chose.


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-Hyeyeon Yoon

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