7 Ways to Make Friends Quickly

7 Ways to Make Friends Quickly

You are busy with work at the university and other responsibilities. You will want to focus your social efforts to bring the best results.

Ways to make friends quickly in America:

1. Join groups that exist for international students. Check with your educational institution to find out what clubs or organizations exist for international students on campus. There may be groups existing from your home country or region. You may prefer groups which have students from around the world. You will find an instant rapport with these students. They are going through many of the same adjustments as you. They too are looking to make friends and build a social network.

2. Look into campus clubs and organizations. Beyond groups for internationals you may also enjoy clubs or groups that exist around special interests or activities. Check with the student activities department of the university. Find groups for interests or hobbies you enjoy. There is an old American saying that says, “Birds of a feather flock together”.

3. Attend campus athletic events with someone. Much of the social life in America centers on athletic activities. At your campus there will be strong attendance at football, basketball, and baseball games. Other sports like soccer, wrestling, tennis, and track will gather large crowds as well. Don’t go alone; ask a new friend or several acquaintances to join you. The costs for students will me minimal and you will have a good time for certain.

4. Go out to eat together. Meals together are a great way to get to know new friends in a relaxed environment. You don’t have to eat a lot either. Coffee, tea, or small snack will do it. The campus cafeteria often is a great place to meet with your friends and it doesn’t take too much time away from your studies.

5. Find a movie that you can enjoy together. In America the most common social outing is “a dinner and a movie”. That can be good if the movie is good. Certain movies may offend your new friend for a variety of reasons. It’s best to choose a movie after someone you trust has recommended it to you.

6. Play sports together. Americans as a rule are somewhat more action oriented in their social lives than others. Putting a team together and competing against each other is particularly satisfying for many American men (and women as well). Find out what sports your new friends like to play and plan ahead. You can also join “intramural sports” that the university hosts. Various sports are offered on a seasonal basis. Check with the student athletic center for more information.

7. Attend religious services. America was established on religious tolerance and freedom. There will be a wide range of religious opportunities for you on campus and in the community around your campus. Ask one of your new friends if you can join him or her the next time they attend religious services. It will give you a much richer and fuller understanding of their lives and the culture and beliefs they follow. You can also invite them to go with you to your religious service. This would be a meaningful experience for them, especially if it’s a religion they have not had much exposure to.

Many international students experience a level of loneliness that is surprising to them when they first come to America. It shouldn’t be so surprising when you consider:

  • you left family and friends
  • you are in a new and strange culture
  • the language may pose some problems

If you find yourself less confident than usual, do not withdraw from people. Take the initiativeto meet and befriend others. It will be worth the extra effort.




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