7 Ways Of Changing Your Hobby Into A Profession

7 Ways Of Changing Your Hobby Into A Profession

Do you enjoy doing your daily work?


Is there something else you love doing?

These questions might appear insignificant to some but those who want to do something they’re good at and want to excel at doing it, might find these questions worth pondering over.

It is often said that work becomes child’s play if you’re enjoying it and are genuinely interested to complete it.

Options seem to be endless, when it comes to the number of hobbies people have. But it’s all about finding the one that entices you the most. If you are into a profession which is becoming a load for you, then you need to consider a transition to a thing you are genuinely interested in. You need to do something which makes work fun for you.

Given below are Seven easy steps to follow if you’re thinking of converting your hobby into a profession.

  • Make necessary assessments

This is the first and the foremost step in this process. Make a list of various things that fall under your area of interest and you think you’re good at. For instance, it can be anything, right from embroidery and knitting to playing an electric guitar.

Analyze your strengths in each alternative and make necessary assessment regarding your prowess and chances of growth in each option. You may also ask your friends and family to assist you during this stage.

  • Research and Evaluate the job market

Having shortlisted the field of your choice, it’s now time for you to get acquainted to the job scenario in your area of interest. Say you enjoy playing football, and your friends always praise your game. The next step should be searching for clubs that hire professionals in the sport after making them clear the selection criteria. Moreover, you can also look forward to various schools and colleges which are hiring football coaches for their respective football teams.

Evaluating the job market will help you gain an insight regarding the growth and remuneration prospects in the alternative of your choice.

  • Making it Real

The steps mentioned above are of immense use, provided that you are taking your hobby quite seriously. It’s high time you stop treating it as a hobby and look forward to it as an employment option that’ll help you earn your daily bread.

Plan your expenses to get everything in order and make a plan to manage your time judiciously.

  • Polishing your skills

You might be the best musician around, but you cannot imagine to grow without getting the proper guidance from a music teacher. Remember, you’re making a shift from a profession which wasn’t even remotely related to your hobby. Make sure to polish your skills by either getting into a course or getting in touch with some professional from your field of interest to guide you on the right path.

  • Build a healthy network

Experience is the thing you can learn from, while making a transition to any field. Ensure that you are around people who are experts or experienced in the field chosen by you. Ask for advices and tips to make necessary amends. Study and learn from the top players in the business and incorporate the things they followed in your daily routine.

This might also help you gain significant references, which prove to be quite useful in any professional field.

  • Using Social media

In a world where making status updates regarding the most petty things has become a trend, social media has a major role to play in every professional or non-professional sphere. Facebook and Twitter accounts come for free, why not use them!

Pitch your talent in front of your social circle. This might work as an apt marketing strategy and get you the right job.

For instance, if you want to be a singer, you can easily upload some of your videos on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn etc. and give it a shot.

  • Try Volunteering for organizations

There might be some organizations which serve the society and are related to your area of interest. You might not earn loads, but this will keep you in practice and amongst likeminded people who have the same flair and passion to work in that field.

The points mentioned above might seem general, but are crucial to be considered. Leaving your current profession and switching to something else is a decision demanding courage. However, things will eventually fall in the right place, because you are doing what you love. Success is definitely assured.

Author Bio: Anshuman Kukreti is a professional writer and a keen follower of the global job market. An engineer by qualification and an artist at heart, he writes on various topics relating to employment across the gulf. Reach him at:-





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