7 end term study tips and tricks

7 end term study tips and tricks

It’s getting colder, holiday season is in full swing and that means end of term exams are approaching!  Thousands of students across the country are starting to panic about the fact that they haven’t really done too much revision within the last few months.  But don’t worry, it is almost never too late to start.

We at peerTransfer have 7 winning revision tips that will help you cane those exams.



Time management is key to studying for a test or tests. If you plan out your time, you will feel less rushed and hurried and will be able to avoid all nighters. Plan out the week before the test to use your time most effectively.

Quiet Space

Don’t have your TV on, listen to the radio and chat with your roommates while studying for your exams. You really do need a place where you can be uninterrupted for a few hours. Go to the library or your room instead of a coffee shop like a Starbucks as you WILL get distracted.

Exercise and Relax

Physical activity is very important, especially during intense study time. Even if you only go for a short 20-30 minute jog after a day of revision it will make a huge difference to your wellbeing.  Also make sure you get enough sleep at night and don’t pull all nighters to stay balanced.

Start early

Although you might think it isn’t true, but your mind is fresher and clearer in the mornings. So make sure to go to bed early and rise early to get a head start.

Do lots of past exams

Practicing past exams prepares you not only for the exam style but you will also be less nervous when the actual test comes around.


Writing down notes and summarizing what you have just learned is probably one of the best ways to memorize lots of information.  It might take a while and seem like a bit of a waste of time but you will remember what you wrote down before when you are sitting in your exam.

Stay positive

Don’t stress too much. There are plenty of people who did well in life without 100 per cent in every single exam. Do the best you can and take some pressure off yourself.



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