6 Challenges for International Students in College

6 Challenges for International Students in College

6 Challenges for International Students in College


Stating college in can be difficult, but there are ways to overcome obstacles.

Living in a new country and meeting people who have different cultures can be difficult. Many international students, who come to American, struggle to acculturate to the American society. However, getting involved on campus is one way to meet new people—whether that’s in academic clubs, social organizations, or even at part-time jobs.

1.    New assignments: When I came to the Unites States I did not know what MLA was. Once I got in trouble for doing a research paper and not citing my sources.

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2.    New professors: In my country is not common to have a relationship with a teacher. However, in America students are encouraged to talk to their professors and seek for help when they need. Sometimes professors become mentors for their students.

3.    New subjects: In college I had to take classes that were not related to my major. I was surprise that my major required certain classes, However, those classes it help me be expose to more subjects that I did not know about it. It is important to be open-minded and be expose to new subjects.

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4.    New friends: Language has been one of the biggest obstacles for making friends. However, I knew that in order to learn English I had to practice. Lucky me I met nice people whom later became my friends and help me to overcome my obstacle.

5.    New food: In America, it’s a trend known as the freshman 15: During my first semester at college I gained 8 pounds. All I eat was pizza and pasta because it was cheaper and those were common options in my cafeteria. It is hard to maintain a diet because there is a lot junk food and not a lot healthy options.

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6.    New culture: United States is known as a melting pot. People come from different countries they have different religions. Sometimes is hard to understand them, but it important to respect each other’s culture. I love United States because I feel like I have a piece of everywhere and I feel lucky to be part of such multicultural society.

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– Carla Rojas

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