5 Ways Social Media Can Make or Break Your Job-Search

5 Ways Social Media Can Make or Break Your Job-Search

Are your incessant tweets serving as hindrances to you securing a desirable job-offer?

Did that meme you shared wasn’t appropriate?

These are some questions that might boggle your mind when you come to know that recruiters use your social media accounts has crucial tools to gauge you during a background check. Going by the numbers, an article on Forbes states that an overwhelming 37% of the recruiters use social media platforms to screen potential job applicants. Not only this, but a reputed career based site also suggests that in a huge country like US, nearly half of the recruiters found content that made them scrap-off certain candidates’ names from their hiring lists.

Not focusing on the blunders one can make to make things go upside-down, there sure are ways by which a tool as significant as social media can be turned in your favor. Obviously, getting recruited might be the only thing swaying back and forth in your mind. Hence, the discussion below will talk about 5 such ways on which your hiring decision stands pivoted. Dart sufficient glances and score that next job you’ve been eyeing so long.

1) You LinkedIn Presence: It Needs to Be Effective

With a zillion things already mentioned about LinkedIn, there’s little you need to know and tad bit you need to implement.
The website has started turning tables since its inception in the last decade. A social networking site based on the model of business orientation helps you to reach out to employers, all across the globe. There’s plenty you need to work on, right from an efficient visible resume to maintaining a network of professionals pertinent to your field, amongst your connections.
Keeping your profile updated and robust is no rocket science, if a few rudimentary essentials are kept in mind.
Be it uploading a mere headshot as your profile pic, getting your professional skills endorsed, getting recommendations from professionals or following ample employers and recruiters, do whatever it takes to make it an ‘All Star’ LinkedIn profile.

2) The Content on All Social Channels

An impeccable way to build a strong online profile is publishing technically and semantically sound content on all social channels. It might be an article or a blog, an infographic or just a poster you share, but publishing the right content would make you stand as a credible source of knowledge in your field, in front of the recruiters. Having your own blogspace, which contains your articles, blogs on work experience and other industry-relevant content, would lend sufficient material to the Google search engine to rank you high amongst recruiters’ candidate search.

3) The Ethical Validity of Your Online Behavior

Usually the first step, checking on your social media etiquette has the prime importance. Ensure that your privacy settings are in place and all your social media accounts are sanitized of any unnecessary posts, pictures or content. Profanity will only enable the hiring manager to form a low opinion regarding you, if not suppress your employability chances.
In addition to these, abstain yourself from any offensive remarks or discussions that seem controversial. All this reflects poor judgement and bad form at your part. Remember, it’s the time to put forth the best of you, not the weakest shade.

4) Interacting or Bugging?

While it might seem as an initiation to regular communication, but corporates have their own perspective to different things. A subtle and mellow approach is always preferable to form the right connect from the get go. However, it’s completely fine to reply, favorite and share tweets and updates, but coming across as a candidate craving a shout-out is equally lethal for your professional image. Instead of begging people to follow you and incessantly re-sharing updates, look for worthwhile ways to start a dialogue with various recruiters owning a public page on Facebook and Twitter.

5) Your Prowess With Various Social Media Tools

You might get apprehensive regarding not being updated about various social media updates!
Well, there are a plethora of tools that’ll allow you to organize, share things directly via browser and hence get ahead in the game. Social media management tools like Hootsuite to collaboratively monitor campaigns across various social networks, Buffer to schedule content across social media and numerous social media recipes provided by IFTTT would definitely suffice to be a master in same regard.


With the advent of technology, things have grown simpler, if utilized to the optimum limit. Hence, without any inhibitions make a step towards being an efficient user, Rest will fall in place by itself.





Author Bio: Anshuman Kukreti is a professional writer and a keen follower of Dubai job market. An engineer by qualification and an artist at heart, he writes on various topics related to employment across the globe. Reach him @ LinkedIn, Twitter and Google+.

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