5 ways of increasing your chances of getting a job after college

5 ways of increasing your chances of getting a job after college

You are enjoying your time in college but at the same time you are wondering “how will I get a job that I like after I graduate?!”  Nowadays a great college degree from a great school may not be enough to secure a job, so you may have to start preparing early.

But don’t worry, we at peerTransfer have some tips to get you started on that path ahead of time.

1.  Get office experience

No matter how great your grades are, when it comes to choosing between two top students, employers are likely to choose the one who has prior work experience.  Try to limit your summer vacation and travels and do an internshipor two.

2.  Build your resume online

The easiest way to do this is to create a LinkedIn profile.  One of first things employers do is to google your name to see what you have been up to, how well you are connected and to get an idea of your online presence, apart from your offline resume. Make sure to start building your list of connections early – most adults you know will have an account so make sure to connect with as many people as possible. Having a LinkedIn account may also be of advantage to stand out as only one in every three students have one.

Join LInkedin to find a job

3.  Find your champion

Champion is another word for mentor, and basically someone who will take you under their wing and help you succeed.  Mentors can be a professor, a parent or a family friend, but you can also try being a little creative about finding your mentor (if the people you know may not be as beneficial to what you are looking for): Use social networks and attend networking events in the field you are interested in; do an advanced search on LinkedIn and try to connect with people at your dream company or field.

4.  Take advantage of your career service

Your school’s career service can help you build your resume, cover letter, prepare you for your first interview, and connect you with alumni (from huge databases) who work in your field of interest who can help you get a job.


5.  Join professional industry groups

One easy way to meet with people from your desired work field is to join aMeetup group near you. You will be able to chat and do activities with people that share the same interests and who knows – invite you to other events where you may meet your future employer ;)

Keep up the good work at school and don’t forget that good relationships are a key component for success and everyone can build them.  Good luck!



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