5 tips on how to do well in college

5 tips on how to do well in college

Being successful in college is important to most of us, but college life can become a bit of a struggle as not only international students have to balance school, social life and sometimes even a part-time job as well.

But no need to worry, we at peerTransfer have come of with 5 tips on how to stay on top and do well in college!

Doing well in College Classroom

1. Go to class:  No matter how early class is, how much you don’t feel like it, actually attending is the first step to doing well in class.  Not only will it keep you in the loop of what’s going on throughout the semester, it will also give you the chance to get those brownie points by listening to things your professor says “on the go” – as well as your professor getting to know you better.

2. Get organized:  Planning time for classes, homework, assignments and tests can really help you stay balanced and on top of things.  If organization is not one of your strengths, there are some online learning tools that can help you keep track of due dates or you could also take an organization class offered by your school.

3. Study the way that works for you: Find out how you study best. Some people like being locked up in a quiet room, while others enjoy studying with a lot of noise in a coffee shop, with friends, or in the library. Finding out what your own ideal method is will likely lead to better grades as your understanding of the subject will improve.

4. Balance school, work and social life: We get it, you’re (finally) living with and making new friends, wanting to hang out with them all the time. That’s when students start messing up at school. There is always time to party, so try to remove yourself a little so you can take care of your studies. Get your homework done, take breaks, keep a healthy diet and exercise.

Doing well in College

5. Stay 100% focused throughout the entire semester:  Try to make progress every day on school work and don’t procrastinate. Doing a little work each day will help you revise better for tests later, just as working on an assignment each day for 3 weeks instead of 3 days before the due date will.

And most importantly, try to keep a positive attitude, have confidence and do not stress :)





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