4 Ways To Make Friends At Your New Job

4 Ways To Make Friends At Your New Job

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The first day at a new job, much like the first day at a new school, is a mix of bittersweet excitement.

It feels like you’re getting a fresh start on life – only HR and select management know the story of your past.

Making friends in the office is important, especially when you first start. They can offer you veteran tips and advice about working conditions, become entertaining workplace companions, and maybe even potential best friends for life (a.k.a. outside-of-work friend).

When starting a new job, you may feel nervous about proactively making new friends, so we put together this guide to helping you find your next group of work friends.

1. Be The Friend You Wish Others To Be

Gandhi’s inspirational quote can also be turned around to reflect this advice: if you want to make friends, show that you can be a friend first.

The first few days on the job will be a confusing mess of learning how the company, and your specific tasks, operate. You may close yourself off to other people during this adjustment time, and then start to break out once you have the flow of the job down – that’s completely normal.

Once you get past that stage, start unraveling your true self to your coworkers. Soon enough they’ll see who you really are and gauge whether or not they want to be friends with you. If you’re genuine in your actions and words, you should have no problem finding friends who share the same views as you do.

2. Step Up And Take Action

It’s very common for a new employee to lay low for a while and wait for a prompt to start actively meeting people. While this does eventually happen, you’ll get a much better first impression if you actively take the steps to make friends.

Once you get to know your new colleagues a little bit, invite them to get lunch. If you’re new to the city, ask if they can show you a good place to eat in town. You can also take it even further once you know of a few common interests by creating a book/movie/TV club or starting a fun, clean office prank war.

If you want to try a more subtle approach – whenever a coworker talks about a new movie or favorite store, suggest that you see the movie/shop together. If they’re excited about it and create a time and rendezvous, then you’ve just earned yourself a new office pal.

3. Have Open-Ended Discussions

If you’re one of those people that only speaks when spoken to, or asks ‘yes or no’ questions a lot, then this may be hard for you. Having open-ended conversations allows you to find out a lot about a person, as well as giving them a little insight into who you are.

What did you do over the weekend? Where did you get those shoes? Who is that person with you in the photo? The possibilities are endless when it comes to open-ended questions. Being interested in other people, rather than trying to make them interested in you, is advice that can not only help you make friends at work, but improve your life as well.

Ask things that you genuinely want to know and the other person will usually be more than happy to answer you, which will in turn lead to an ongoing discussion, which will in turn transform into a blossoming friendship.

4. Take Advantage Of Opportunities When They Appear

Many companies care about their employees and genuinely want them to be friends and get along. This paves the way for a myriad of social events hosted by the office. Whether it’s holiday parties, games/tournaments, exercise classes, etc…use every opportunity that comes your way as a means to meet new people and make friends.

Often however, you don’t even need the company as a catalyst for making new friendships. Maybe a coworker is getting married and you get invited to celebrate over drinks after work, or a group of people is going to lunch together and asks if anyone wants to come – in these situations it’s almost encouraged to become a ‘yes-man’.

The more you say yes to things, the more friends you’re going to make at work. And in the end, the more fun you’re going to have from 9-to-5 with work becoming more than just a job.

What suggestions do you have for making new friends at work?





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